“We will not allow ourselves to be bullied,” the US vice president emphasized in her speech Kamala Harrys, a staunch supporter of women’s right to abortion, making the issue the centerpiece of her 2024 presidential campaign.

Kamala Harris received a rapturous welcome at a Washington university, with the crowd chanting “four more years!”, hours after President Joe Biden announced his candidacy.

Declaring “proud” that she is candidate alongside the 80-year-old president, Harris spoke at length about restrictions on abortion rights adopted by “extreme” politicians across the country, an issue she is deeply concerned about.

“We live in an age where so many of our hard-won freedoms are under attack,” he complained, andblaming the Republicanss that they wish to ban abortion in the entire US.

The Biden administration hopes the abortion issue will re-energize the Democratic base ahead of the 2024 election, as it did in the November 2022 midterms.

After the US Supreme Court’s decision in June overturned its historic Roe v. Wade decision that protected women’s right to abortion, younger Democrats rushed to vote in November.

According to polls, most Americans want to protect women’s right to abortion.

T-shirts with the slogan “Abortion is decided in elections” which were distributed at the entrance to the auditorium where Harris spoke.

Although a devout Catholic, Biden has fervently supported this right in the face of attacks from the American right.

But for his first appearance after announcing his candidacy, the American president chose to address a labor union, as part of his effort to win the support of the middle class, another priority of the Biden-Harris duo ahead of 2024.