His sister appears to be playing an increasingly important role in North Korea Kim Jong Un. Kim Yo Jong has publicly criticized the US-South Korea trade deal, saying it will worsen instability and security in the region.

Her decision Washington to deploy a nuclear submarine in South Korea’s sea has angered Pyongyang, with Kim Yo Jong to state that the deal is “a typical product of their extreme hostile policy against North Korea, reflecting the most hostile and aggressive will to act.”

“Therefore, it will only lead to exposing the peace and security of Northeast Asia and the world to more serious risks, and it is an act that can never be welcomed,” he added.

Referring to Joe Biden and his statements, Kim Yo-jong spoke of “a stupid remark from a person in his position”, while she called South Korean President Yun Suk-yeol “stupid”.

Kim Yo Jong is effectively second in command in North Korea’s leadership, as Kim Jong Un considers her a person of his absolute trust and sound judgment in order to enjoy an active role in decision-making.