THE head of European diplomacy, Giuseppe Borrelldenounced yesterday Tuesday the “unjustified” violence attributed to military of Mali and to mercenaries of the Wagner group in Blackberry in March 2022, when according to a UN report “more than 500” civilians were massacred.

“The European Union and its Member States have been supporting Mali’s battle against terrorist organizations for many years (…) However, the atrocities committed by state forces and elements of the Wagner group against the civilian population, as documented in the report , they are unjustified”, underlined Mr Borel in a statement made public last Tuesday evening in Brussels.

Such actions would further “destabilize Mali” and “worse” the situation for neighboring countries, he continued.

“The fight against terrorism can under no circumstances justify massive violations of human rights,” ruled the EU High Representative, and demanded an “independent, impartial, effective and exhaustive judicial investigation” into the events.

“Impunity must be fought hard and urgently,” he added.

On Friday, the UN accused Mali’s army and “foreign” fighters of executing at least 500 people in March 2022 during an anti-jihadist operation in Moura, releasing a report by the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The report was based on research by the human rights division of the peacekeeping mission that has been deployed since 2013 in Mali (MINUSMA). The military junta in power in Mali rejected it, calling it a “narrative”, a “fantasy”.