Disney World: A place where children’s dreams come true, where they meet their childhood heroes and all their favorite fictional characters. A day trip to the resort is a day they are supposed to never forget, a day they will cherish and remember for the rest of their years.
For the children of two families, their visit to Disneyland turned into a nightmare as their angry parents clashed over a photo opportunity.

A surreal and shocking video of the incident surfaced on Twitter with the two families punching and kicking each other as security personnel go to great lengths to stop them.

The fight started when the two families argued over which of the two would get to take a photo in front of the Magic Kingdom, a heated verbal confrontation ensued, and then the situation turned quite violent.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, one of the people involved required medical attention.

No charges have been laid and the incident comes after an increase in altercations at the resort. In 2022, Disney issued a warning against violence after a chain of serious incidents.