His presence Volodymyr Zelensky at the G7 summit “may be a game changer” for her Ukrainesaid the French president Emmanuel Macron to his Ukrainian counterpart today at the start of their bilateral meeting in Hiroshima, Japan.

“This is a unique opportunity” for Mr Zelenskiy to discuss with his G7 allies, but also to defend Ukraine’s case against Russian aggression with the various leaders of the South invited to the summit, Macron stressed. speaking in English with his interlocutor.

“I think it can be a game-changer” for Ukraine, he added, also promising the Ukrainian president that France would stand by Kiev “until the end.”

“Thank you for your support,” Zelensky replied.

Upon his arrival in Hiroshima earlier today, Zelenskiy held bilateral meetings with officials from G7 and has already held talks with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modiwho assured him that India would do “everything possible” to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

According to the French presidency, Brazilian President Lula he also plans to meet Zelensky during the summit: “He has shown great availability for dialogue.”