Prince Harry has lost his appeal to be allowed to make private payments to have police protection when he visits the UK.

His lawyers wanted a judicial review of the rejection of his offer to pay for protection in the UK after security arrangements changed when the prince ceased to be “royal”. But a judge decided not to give him the green light.

Home Office lawyers had opposed the idea of ​​allowing wealthy people to have police security. The decision was accompanied by a hearing at a London court last week.

However, in the High Court last week, Prince Harry’s lawyers challenged the decision to reject private funding for police protection for him and his family when they visit the UK.

When Prince Harry stepped down as a ‘working royal’ in 2020, it meant he no longer had access to his previous level of security.

But Prince Harry questioned how that decision was made by the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royals and Publics – known as Ravec – which covers security for high-profile figures, including senior royals.

But Home Office lawyers again said the type of protection being discussed, which could mean “special officers as bodyguards”, was not the same as funding for extra policing at football matches.

This legal case is just one of many ongoing lawsuits that Prince Harry has in the UK. He is expected to return to London next month to give evidence in another trial involving the Mirror Newspaper Group (MNG).