With its resolution, which is a non-binding recommendation, the foreign affairs committee of the Italian Parliament today asked the Meloni government “to continue the appropriate contacts with the countries participating in the EastMed pipeline project”.

In more detail, with this specific resolution the Italian government is asked to evaluate the development of the plan, “with the logic of the diversification of energy sources, based on the international geopolitical situation and the conditions of technical and financial implementation of the plan”.

At the same time, the foreign affairs committee of the Italian Parliament called on the government of Rome “to approach with the utmost care the further processes underway in the eastern Mediterranean, an area of ​​key importance for the supply of energy at national level and for the policies and strategic balances at the global level”.

“With today’s resolution we are trying to give new impetus to the EastMed alternative,” the vice-president of the Italian Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Paolo Formentini, said in a statement.

At the same time, he underlined that “a parliamentary basis was offered, for future decisions of the Italian government” and that “the advantages of this project, which concerns four republics, is technically feasible and complementary to liquefied gas, were underlined”.

“We will continue to make efforts so that our country becomes more and more an energy hub of Europe”, concluded the vice-president of the foreign affairs committee of the Italian Parliament.