The pro-Kurdish parties of Turkey confirmed today that they will support the opposition presidential candidate in second round of elections on Sunday without naming him, a day after they expressed outrage over his deal with a far-right party.

Tayyip Erdogan comfortably won the first round on May 14, despite the pro-Kurdish HDP’s support for Kilicdaroglu — though the president narrowly fell short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff.

Officials from the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) and its ally Green Left (YSP) said they sought change in the second round and that their position remains the same — but did not name Kilicdaroglu.

HDP co-chair Pervin Buldan said they would vote on Sunday to end Erdogan’s “one man rule”.

“The strange regime created by Erdogan and his partners is the cause of the social problems being experienced,” he said. What will be voted on on May 28 is whether this strange regime will continue or not.”

He also criticized campaign rhetoric where immigrants are used for political purposes and the practice of state-appointed officials.

“The refugee and migration problem can only be solved by a strong struggle for peace against the policies of war,” Buldan said.

Mithat Sanjar, HDP co-chairman, called on voters who did not vote in the first round to go to the polls in the second round to oust Erdogan, who is seeking to extend his 20-year stay in power.

Yesterday Wednesday, Kilicdaroglu and the anti-immigrant party ZP (Zafer Partisi) announced an agreement whereby the ZP will support the opposition leader in the second round. The ZP secured 2.2% of the vote in the parliamentary elections held simultaneously with the presidential elections.

The agreement drew the ire of the HDP because of a clause that says it will support replacing mayors with other state appointees if the court finds them to have links to terrorism. Most mayors elected with the HDP in 2019 were replaced by such officials.