The Italian government under the Prime Minister Georgia Meloni denied yesterday Wednesday that communications of journalists and politicians are intercepted, with an announcement by the Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Alfredo Mantovano.

“I never approved, after the government took office, wiretapping aimed at journalists or politicians,” assured Mr. Mantovano.

The denial follows the publication of the journalists’ book Luigi Bisignani and Paolo Madrontitled “The Powerful in Giorgia’s Time,” in which Ms. Meloni was “informed” shortly before she took office that “several personalities” were under surveillance.

The former prime minister Matteo Renzi he pointed out to the newspaper La Repubblica that “preventive” wiretapping can be done legally by the intelligence services, but only if state security is at risk.

Mr Renzi called on Mr Mantovano to “clearly deny” that the communications of journalists and politicians are being monitored.

The deputy minister of the presidency declared that he was ready to provide “all the information that is deemed useful” to the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic (COPASIR), as a matter responsible for the control of the secret services.