Her new government finland, in which the extreme right participates, today presented its government road map, which includes the adoption of a stricter immigration policy.

“I am happy that with our partners (…) we reached an agreement around (…) a paradigm shift in immigration policy”, Riika Pura, head of the eurosceptic, anti-immigration Finns Party, told media.

The Finns Party will take seven ministerial portfolios, including that of the interior ministry, which oversees immigration issues.

The conditions for obtaining a permanent residence permit or citizenship will become stricter, residence permits granted under the international protection regime will be temporary and their duration will be equal to the minimum valid in the European Union, Pura said.

“Henceforth, the international protection status can be revoked if (the person in question) travels on holiday to his country of origin,” he clarified, stressing that family reunification will also become more difficult.

Acting Prime Minister Peter Orpo, leader of the conservative National Coalition Party (NCP) which won April’s parliamentary elections, formed a governing coalition with the Finns Party, the far-right party that came second in the election, as well as two other small right-wing parties.

The coalition talks, which began on May 2 and usually last an average of a month, have dragged on due to differences, notably over climate policy and migration, but also development aid.