A 16-year-old student was killed and another student was wounded Monday in a gun attack by a former student at a school in southern Brazil, authorities said.

The intervention of a teacher, who immobilized the assailant, “allowed us to avoid an even greater tragedy,” said the governor of Parana state, Carlos Ratinho Jr.

In a statement issued by the regional government, it is stated that “a former student entered armed” inside a high school in the city of Lodrina, where he appeared “to ask for his school file”.

When he was inside the school, he “shot at two people. A 16-year-old student was killed on the spot and another student is hospitalized with a bullet wound.” Neither the age nor the state of health of the injured student was specified.

According to the local press, the perpetrator is 21 years old.

“The teacher who immobilized the former student had recently attended a training and the police arrived at the school in just three minutes,” the governor of Paraná pointed out.

A second person, aged 21 and suspected of collaborating in the organization of the attack, was later arrested, the Paraná government said in a statement.

“Another new life stolen by the hatred and violence that we can no longer tolerate in our schools and in our society,” tweeted Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, expressing “sadness and outrage.” of.

Bloody attacks have recently taken place at schools in Brazil.

In April, four children between the ages of four and seven were murdered with an ax inside a school in Blumenau (southern Brazil).

In 2019, eight people were killed by two former students of a high school in the suburbs of São Paulo, who then committed suicide.

“The glorification of violence is today in the palm of our young people’s hands, on smart cell phones, on tablets, in the irresponsible dissemination of messages of violence and hate on the Internet,” Justice Minister Flavio Dino said yesterday, Monday, in Rio de Janeiro.

The deadliest attack ever recorded in Brazil was the 2011 killing of 12 children at a kindergarten in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, who were killed by a man who opened fire before killing himself.