Heavy hail hit yesterday Thursday in Zaragoza, Spain, flooding the streets and causing extensive damage and disruption.

Heavy rain and hail they affected the agricultural sector, the transport system and urban infrastructure, leaving many people trapped in their vehicles and requiring the assistance of firefighters and divers. The following video with her is typical woman being mounted on the roof of her car in order to be saved from the rushing waters.

Also, several bus services were affected by the flooded roads while chaos was also caused in the streets since in many cases the traffic lights stopped working so the intervention of the local police was needed in order to regulate traffic.

Despite the fierceness of the storm, no casualties or injuries were reported. However, there were vehicle collisions due to poor visibility and slippery conditions.

Alongside, the hailstorm was particularly destructive to the vineyards of the town of Panizawhere farmers reported that 100% of the crop was lost. The storm also affected other crops such as cereals, olives and almonds.

The storm lasted about an hour and a half with Authorities now assessing the extent of the damage and providing assistance to those affected.