Details of his murder Stanislav Rzytsky, former commander of a submarine of the Black Sea fleet, the intelligence service of Ukraine revealed.

In an unusually detailed statement on Telegram the Ukrainian intelligence service revealed how Rzytsky was murdered, who allegedly ordered a Kalibr missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia almost a year ago on July 15, 2022, killing 27 people, including a 4-year-old girl.

Ukrainian intelligence anyway did not explicitly claim responsibility for the death of the former submarine commander.

Stanislav Rzytsky

“The submarine commander jogged in the 30th Anniversary of Victory park in Krasnodar. Around 6 in the morning was shot seven times with a Makarov pistol. As a result of gunshot wounds, Rzitsky died on the spot,” stated in the announcement.

A later statement by the Strategic Communications department of Ukraine’s armed forces attempted – on the face of it – to downplay suspicions that Kiev could have carried out the assassination.

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The alleged killer of the Russian officer

In phrasing that indicates a sarcastic tone, the statement said that “the 42-year-old victim had come to the conclusion that the rocket attacks that killed civilians were ineffective.”

“Apparently, he was killed by his own men because he refused to continue carrying out orders by his administration regarding missile attacks on peaceful Ukrainian cities,” Kiev claims.

For its part, the Russian news agency TASS claims that “the perpetrators of Rzhitsky’s murder were identified”.