Bipartisan ultimatum to US Pentagon to disclose all about UFOs the next 300 days. A coalition of Democratic and Republican senators plans to force the massive declassification of top-secret U.S. government UFO files, demanding results in less than a year.

The Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (Democrats) is lobbying to declassify documents related to UFO sightings.

The amendment gives federal agencies 300 days to hand over their UFO files.

The commission on UFOs will be modeled after the 1992 commission that examined the files on the 1963 assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

“We will now have a process through which we will declassify this material”, a spokeswoman for Senator Schumer said. The Senate proposal is very likely to receive bipartisan support in the House of Representatives as well.

The news comes after the former Secret Service official’s public testimony david grouse, who headed the analysis of unexplained anomalous phenomena (UAP) for the US Department of Defense, who, among other things, claimed that the US possessed vessels of non-human origin. He also talked about “recovered beings” and UFO-related deaths.

In fact, Gross’s testimony was corroborated in private hearings from other defense-related witnessesaccording to comments made by Sen. Rubio last month, who expressed concerns that there is “no accountability to anyone” for the controversial secret UFO programs.