A request to the Turkish Cypriot leader to visit the Anthropological Laboratory together within the next few days was submitted in writing by the president of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulidis, as he stated today, pointing out that he also addressed the UN Secretary-General in writing on the matter.

In his statements to the journalists, after the memorial service for those who fell during the coup, which was held in the Holy Church of Saints Constantine and Helen and called to comment on the Turkish plans in Varosi with the risk of creating new ones, the President of the Republic said that “certainly the passage of time creates new donees, like this one. We will proceed with all the diplomatic, political steps. But the only way to prevent all these fait accompli is to solve the Cyprus problem.

There is no other way. I want to be honest, completely honest with Cypriot society. It is for this reason that since the first day we have been working despite the difficulties, despite the challenges – I hear statements every day regarding the possibility of resuming talks, a negative approach especially from the Turkish Cypriot leader. We are getting close to the 20th of July and you realize that there will be the corresponding celebrations in the occupied territories.

At the same time, precisely because the only way to prevent new fait accompli, among many other reasons, for us only the solution of the Cyprus issue based on the agreed framework is the only option. There is no plan b, we will and are doing everything possible. I will not engage in a blame game, especially in public. Every day, through our actions, we try to create those conditions, so that the conversations can resume.

It was for this reason that yesterday I addressed both the Secretary General of the UN and the Turkish Cypriot leader in writing, asking that in the next period, around the end of July, beginning of August, we go together to the Anthropological Laboratory on the subject of the missing persons. Black anniversaries, July 20, so many missing. A purely humanitarian issue, so that we can also send a positive message. And our side will continue to send positive messages hoping that there will be a response.”

When asked, he said that “previously there was a dialogue, there were some problems and I addressed in writing to the General Secretary and Mr. Tatar asking to go to the Anthropological Laboratory together, sending a message to society.”

He added that “we also have some other thoughts that we have already worked on, showing our good will, so that the conditions for the resumption of talks are created, which is the great, national goal.”

When asked if the thoughts concern Turkish Cypriots or the process of talks, the President said “and not only that. Our Turkish Cypriot compatriots and in general the talks and anything that can lead to the creation of conditions that will allow the resumption of meaningful talks from where they left off in Crans Montana.”

Asked how the talks can resume since the Turkish Cypriot side is raising the issue of sovereign equality, the President of the Republic said “to make it clear that the acceptance of anything that leads to another form of solution beyond the agreed framework of the bizonal, bicommunal federation is not even on the table for discussion. We are not going to engage in such a debate and neither is the international community. And you have seen the UN Security Council itself, its clear position after the recent debate.

At the same time, the easy thing for me would be if I entered into a public game of daily blaming, blaming each other, etc. What would be the final result?”

He added that “the agreed framework is there, the agreed framework can address the concerns, I am ready to discuss concerns, concerns, but always within the agreed framework.”