Strong solar flare activity is forecast for Mondaywhich may affect the short wave communicationsRussian scientists said after the sighting three flares in the sun on Sunday.

The Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics in Moscow said that Class X flares are possibleincluding proton bursts causing shortwave radio transmissions to present potential problems.

X-class flares are the largest explosions in the solar system and they can create long-lasting radiation storms. Proton flares are a storm of solar energetic particlesconsisting mainly of a proton.

Solar flares are explosions that occur when intense activity in the Sun’s magnetic fields disrupts the balance of its magnetic fields with a release of enormous energy accompanied by a glow. They can affect Earth’s magnetic field with the potential to damage satellites and communications equipment, according to NASA.

In 2022, a geomagnetic storm caused by a large burst of radiation from the sun SpaceX lost 40 recently launched satellites.

Three solar flares were observed on Sundayaccording to the Fedorov Institute, with one to last 14 minutes, accompanied by an interruption of radio communication.