In addition to the incredible suffering and deaths from the heat, the heat waves that have been affecting the European south since last year in the summer months due to of climate change, risk upsetting the… touristic balances.

In recent weeks, European media have been hosting news about tourists who had to be airlifted from Italian beaches or the tourist who fainted from the heat on the Acropolis.

High temperatures across southern Europe risk leading to a change in tourists’ habits with more travelers choosing cooler destinations or now preferring to do spring or fall vacation to avoid the extreme heat, as predicted by tourism organizations and experts.

Details of her European Travel Commission (ETC)which is an association of national tourism organizations, show that the number of people planning to travel to the Mediterranean region from June to November has already fallen by 10% compared to last year when high temperatures had led to drought and forest fires.

ETC’s report also shows that 7.6% of travelers now consider extreme weather as a major cause of concern for travel between June and November.

Cooler destinations such as the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland and Bulgaria have, meanwhile, seen an increase in tourist interest.

“We expect that in the future, unpredictable weather conditions will have a greater impact on travelers’ choices in Europe”, says Miguel Sant, o head of ETC.

“The very high temperatures have made our holidays “miserable”

Tourists in Rome say to Reuters that they are seriously considering whether to visit the Italian capital again in July.

“I would come again when it was cooler. Only June and April,” says Daphne Niebuhr, an American tourist vacationing with her husband in Rome this week and that explains that the very high temperatures have made their holidays “miserable”..

This has a serious impact on Italy’s economy, which is greatly boosted by summer tourism.

The Italian Ministry of the Environment warned in a report this year that foreign tourists in the future will travel more in spring and autumn and choose cooler destinations.

According to Elshoi, summer holidays in southern Europe will probably be a thing of the past. As she says, she is thinking of taking a vacation now in her country, Norway: “I don’t want to go on vacation again where I’m going to get a headache and dizziness“, he explains.

In Spainthe great demand of tourists is expected to be recorded in coastal destinations in the north of the country and on the Spanish islands, where summer temperatures are usually lower, according to a report by the country’s tourism business association Exceltur.

Spaniards Danie Otero and Rebecca Vasquez visiting Bilbao they said that maybe next year they will take a vacation in June which will be cooler and less crowded.