Moscow has no plans to attack merchant ships in the Black Seadespite the claims of the United States, assured today Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov, according to statements posted by the embassy.

Russia said on Wednesday that all ships bound for Ukrainian ports would be considered potential carriers of military cargo. The countries under whose flag these ships sail will be considered “party to the conflict” on the side of Ukraine.

Commenting on the decision, the White House said Russia may widen its targets and, in addition to grain depots in Ukraine, launch attacks on merchant ships in the Black Sea.

“Attempts to attribute to Russia the preparation of attacks on commercial vessels are pure falsification (…) We consider the statements of the US as an attempt to cover up by any means its own destructive activities, aimed at de facto sabotage of the implementation of the Istanbul agreements” Antonov said, according to the embassy’s Telegram account.

Moscow pulled out of the grain export deal on Monday. He claims that a memorandum signed in Istanbul at the same time as this agreement and aimed at facilitating the export of Russian grain and fertilizers was ignored.