The German Ministry of Defense announced today Tuesday that it recommended that the Patriot anti-aircraft systems it has developed in Poland remain until the end of the year.

Berlin deployed in January three Patriot arrays in the eastern part of Poland, a few weeks after a “stray” Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile hit the village of Sevodov.

The original design called for the deployment of Patriot systems for space no longer than six months. However, the German defense ministry suggested that Warsaw keep the arrays on Polish soil “during the summer, and possibly until the end of the year”. He made it clear, however, that there are no plans to extend the Patriots’ stay beyond 2023.

Poland’s defense minister initially refused the German proposal, urging Berlin to send the Patriots to Ukraine, but then agreed.

Besides the Patriot anti-aircraft systems, approx 300 German soldiers stationed in Zamosc, 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, tasked with securing the Ukraine-Poland rail link.