He escaped from his owner and almost became a football team mascot.

The reason for a pet blue parrot who in his… wandering temporarily interrupted a football match on the Scottish island of Orkney and after the interruption the home team managed to win the match, while losing 0-4, making the home team group to want to adopt the bird that brought them luck.

The parrot’s owner Carla Brown said her pet, which often flies in open spaces, was spooked by a seagull and crows last night and flew out of Stromness football ground as the local team played Hotspurs 0-0 -4.

While the blue parrot was returning to its owner, Stromness managed to equalise, with the final score being 5-5 and the home team prevailing on penalties in the Reid Cup football match.

“A seagull was chasing him so he circled around trying to fly back to me,” Brown told BBC Radio. “Then crows started chasing him. And it flew over the Market Green pitch, there was a football match going on at the time, so it flew between people playing football unfortunately,” he said, noting that the bird squawked during the chase, but arrived back safely. “We are very sorry to have interrupted a football game,” Brown said.

However, the team’s footballers want the blue macaw to be their mascot, since after his “intervention”, their team managed to win despite losing by a wide margin.

Stromness footballer Andrew Groundwater said his club are considering adopting the parrot as their lucky mascot after the team’s win.