Two people lost their lives and another one was injured in a Russian missile attack on Kiev, said this morning the head of the Ukrainian capital’s military command, Serhiy Popko, speaking about the biggest airstrike “since the spring” that Kiev experienced.

“Night air raid. Kiev had not experienced such a powerful attack since the spring. The enemy launched a massive attack (…) with drones and missiles,” Serhii Popko said via Telegram, clarifying how “in total, over 20 targets were destroyed” in the air by the Ukrainian air defense.

Unfortunately, due to falling debris in the Shevchenkivsky district of Kyiv (…) two people are dead, according to the first information. Another person was injured.” Mr. Popko added via Telegram.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko gave the same account, also speaking of falling debris from targets destroyed in the air on several buildings in the Ukrainian capital. According to him, the injured person was hit by broken glasses. “Several buildings have caught fire”he added

Russia destroyed 4 speedboats of the Ukrainian special forces in the Black Sea

Russian authorities also announced in the early hours of today that an aircraft destroyed four speedboats carrying up to fifty members of Ukraine’s special forces – which, for its part, launched a series of nighttime drone strikes on Russian territory.

About midnight [σ.σ. τοπική ώρα και ώρα Ελλάδας]”an aircraft of the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet (…) destroyed four speedboats” carrying “landing units of the Ukrainian special operations forces”, a total of “up to 50” military personnel, the Ministry of Defense said via Telegram, without specifying go into more detail.

During the night, air defenses were also able to repel “enemy drone attacks (coming) from the sea” at the level of Sevastopol Bay, the main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Russian official Mikhail Razvazaev said, assuring that the situation is “under control”.

Underwater disaster prevention forces “completed their work in the maritime zone. At the moment there is no information on the number or type of targets destroyed,” Mr. Razvazaev noted via Telegram.

Last Thursday, Ukraine announced it had carried out a rare successful operation by commandos in the Crimean peninsula, which Kiev said killed Russian soldiers, raised the Ukrainian flag and withdrew without casualties, a largely symbolic operation on the peninsula that Moscow considers inviolable, on the day of Ukrainian independence. According to the military intelligence service of Ukraine, these commandos went to western Crimea by sea.


According to the Russian authorities, Kiev launched several drone raids at night in Russian territory, reaching as far as Pskov, near the border with Estonia, where aircraft were shot down, some 830 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital.

“Drone attack repelled at Pskov airport. Thank God, there are no casualties.” said regional governor Mikhail Vechernikov via Telegram.

Earlier, it said that air defenses were “repelling” an attack, accompanying the post with a video in which one could see a large fire and hear sirens screaming.

“The level of the disasters is in the process of assessment. All services are on foot,” according to the governor of Pskov.

Russian state news agency TASS reported, citing emergency services, that four Ilyushin Il-76 heavy transport aircraft were damaged. The RIA agency, for its part, reported that two of the transporters caught fire, citing information from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

All flights at Pskov airport were suspended for today pending assessment of potential damage to the runway, Mr. Vejernikov clarified.

“According to the first information, nothing serious, but at night it is difficult to verify this. If all is well, the airport will resume normal operations (tomorrow) Thursday”the governor added.

Daily raids

In other regions of Ukrainian territory, several more Ukrainian drones were destroyed, according to Moscow, among them some flying to the outskirts of the capital.

One was destroyed in the Rusky district of the Moscow region, according to the defense ministry. The attack caused no casualties or damage, according to the mayor of the Russian capital, Sergei Sabianin.

In the regions of Kaluga and Ryazan, which are adjacent to that of Moscow, respectively one and two UAVs were shot down, according to the Ministry of Defense.

For one more nightair traffic was suspended at Damaditava, Vnukova and Sheremetyava international airports in Moscow, according to TASS, which later reported that the airspace had been opened.

Also, Russian authorities announced that three remote-controlled drones were shot down in Bryansk, which neighbors Ukraine. There were no casualties, regional governor Alexandre Bogamas said, speaking via Telegram.

In the Ariol region (west), the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that it shot down one drone, while the regional governor spoke of two.

Ukrainian drone raids on Russian territory, which have multiplied in recent months and are now practically daily, mainly target Moscow, 500 kilometers from the border of the two countries, and the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014. against the backdrop of the counteroffensive by the Ukrainian army that began in early June.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Russian authorities announced that they had prevented such attacks in the Tula and Belgorod regions (west).

At the end of July, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his satisfaction because the war is now “reaching the territory of Russia”.