An alarm has been sounded in Spain for the severe storm called Dana which is hitting the country and has caused severe flooding in several areas.

In the Spanish capital alone, the fire service has received 190 calls about flooded streets.

According to El Pais, the bad weather that has been affecting Spain for the last 24 hours caused the death of two hikers who were pulled dead from a ravine on Saturday afternoon.

Madrid, Toledo and Cádiz are on red alert, while high rates of rain also fell in Tarragona and Castellón. Shocking are the videos from Toledo that show the rushing waters on the streets of the city sweeping away everything in their path.

Also, in the eastern province of Castellón, the heavy rain turned the roads into rivers with the result that a man was trapped in his car and the assistance of the fire brigade was deemed necessary.

At the same time, apartments were flooded, mud and portable materials filled the streets, as a result of which traffic was stopped.

Videos showing passengers inside flooded carriages are also making the rounds online. Some stations, such as that of Loranca, were completely closed as they were flooded with water.

It is recalled that the Spanish capital has been on “red alert” since yesterday, with the mayor of the city recommending that citizens stay at home.

Sunday’s football match between Atletico Madrid and Sevilla was called off due to torrential rain.

This weekend’s weather comes after a particularly hot summer in Spain as well as most of southern Europe.