NATO has no indication that the debris was from a drone found on Romanian soil come from deliberate attack launched by Moscow against Romania, the NATO chief said earlier today.

Ukraine announced on Monday that drones exploded in Romania during a Russian airstrike overnight targeting a Ukrainian port on the other side of the Danube.

Attacks in the region have increased since July when Moscow withdrew from a deal that lifted the Russian blockade of Ukrainian Black Sea ports.

Romanian officials initially denied the Ukrainian claimsbut yesterday they reversed course, with Defense Minister Angel Tilvar saying pieces that could have belonged to a Russian drone fell on Romanian soil.

“We do not have any information that points to a deliberate attack by Russia and we await the outcome of the ongoing investigation,” the NATO chief told MEPs.

Stoltenberg highlighted the risks that Russian airstrikes so close to allied territory constitute.

“It shows the risks of incidents and accidents. Regardless of the outcome (of the investigation) what we have seen is of course a lot of fighting and also airstrikes near NATO borders,” he said.

Russia has launched long-range missile airstrikes against Ukrainian targets since it invaded its neighbor last year, and Kiev has reported suspected Russian weapons that have either appeared in the air or crashed into the territory of neighboring countries on several occasions.

In the most serious such incident, two people were killed in Poland by a rocket that landed near the border last November. Poland and NATO allies later said it was a missile fired by mistake from a Ukrainian air defense system.