A Georgia grand jury has recommended indicting three Republican senators and other allies of former President Donald Trump as part of its investigation into an attempt to overturn the state’s 2020 election.

The special judicial panel recommended that the well-known senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and the two senators of Georgia, Kelly Leffler and David Perdue, be prosecuted.

The final report of this board was released today, after remaining under seal for nine months. The text includes the proposals of the jurors to the prosecuting authorities. The special judicial panel has been meeting for several months and called 75 witnesses to testify, including Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Senator Lindsey Graham and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

The grand jury did not have the power to indict, but Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis used the evidence she gathered to seek the indictment of Trump and his associates last month on charges of conspiracy to overthrow the government. of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the State of Georgia. Ultimately, Trump and 18 of his allies or associates were prosecuted.

In addition to the three senators, the panel had also recommended the criminal prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, Trump adviser Boris Epstein and lawyers Lynn Wood and Clita Mitchell. However, none of them were charged.

Leffler and Perdue are no longer senators.

Graham, a former political rival of Trump with whom they ended up becoming good friends and playing golf together, denied wrongdoing and argued that he was performing his duties as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee when he asked officials of Georgia State to audit mail-in votes after Trump’s defeat. “We cannot criminalize senators for doing their job,” he said at a press conference today. “In the next election, if I have question marks, I will do the same,” he added.

In addition to Trump and his 18 co-defendants, the report names 30 “conspirators” who were not prosecuted.

The 19 defendants have all pleaded not guilty. As in the three other cases for which he is being prosecuted, Trump denies any wrongdoing and maintains that he is the victim of political persecution.

The report was kept secret at Willis’ request until she decides what charges to press and against whom. After prosecutions were filed, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney ruled last week that there was no longer a reason to keep the grand jury report secret.