Kim Jong-un, who is expected to meet with Vladimir Putin, has arrived in Russia since the morning with his beastly, ultra-luxurious and armored train.

In the conversations they will have, the Russian president is expected to request weapons from North Korea and will give in return space expertise and food supplies as Kim’s people – according to the West – starve.

The location and time of the meeting between the two leaders remain secret until now, although it was initially leaked to the press that they would meet for talks in Vladivostokon the sidelines of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum attended by 7 thousand delegates from nearly 50 countries, such as China, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Laos, Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines and others.

Kim’s train is reportedly heading north, away from Vladivostok. According to the BBC, one possible rendezvous point is the Vostochny space center in Russia’s Far East.

Also, while the West is concerned about “advanced” negotiations between the two leaders to supply Moscow with weapons (mainly ballistic missiles) in the Ukraine war, Kim and Putin seem to have other, more… interesting topics on their agenda, such as building a space base together!


A photo showing the lengths each missile can reach

A meeting between the two leaders at the Vostochny spaceport would be symbolic given the North Korean leader’s interest in launching a satellite into space, says Gabriela Bernal, a researcher at the University of North Korean Studies in South Korea.

The conversations there they could increase the chances of North Korea receiving technical assistance from Russia for its space programhe says, adding that Kim Jong Un has recently had two failed satellite launches.

Also, according to the BBC, the topic of discussion on the agenda will be the joint construction of a base in space!

In the meantime, Washington threatened North Korea with sanctions if it delivers weapons to Russia while Moscow and Pyongyang have responded that they are not interested in US warnings.

“As you know, in relations with our neighbors, including North Korea, what matters to us are the interests of our countriesnot the warnings from Washington”said the representative of the Russian presidency Dmitry Peskov. “So we will focus on the interests of our two countries” he emphasized.