The US government has added 150 more Russian citizens and companies to its list of individuals and entities sanctioned for supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, the US Treasury Department announced Thursday.

“Military supply chains” are being targeted to “deprive Putin of the equipment, technology and services he needs to wage his barbaric war against Ukraine,” US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a press release. made public by its services.

Individuals and companies that benefited from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or their proximity to the Kremlin are also being targeted by Washington.

Much of the sanctions directly concern Russian industry, in particular car manufacturers (Avtovaz, Moskvich), aircraft engine manufacturers (Soyuz), enterprises in the metallurgical, mining and construction sectors. The construction company Gazpromstroy, a subsidiary of the gas giant Gazprom, as well as AGD Diamonds, Russia’s second largest diamond company, are thus included in the blacklist.

US sanctions are also being imposed on third-country companies, notably two Turkish ones that the US Treasury Department accuses of supplying Russia with equipment to build drones.

The general secretary of the Ukrainian presidency, Andriy Yermak, thanked the US government for this “decisive step” via X (the former Twitter).

The sanctions announced yesterday effectively mean that any resources of the blacklisted individuals and entities in US jurisdiction will be frozen, while US citizens and US companies will be prohibited from having any dealings with them.