THE Russia announced that prevented a concerted Ukrainian attack on Crimea early today, while drones also targeted Moscow, disrupting air traffic in the capital while causing fire in oil storage facilities in the southwestern part of the country.

Ukraine has launched a series of attacks in recent days against Russian military targets in occupied Crimea and Russian Navy fleet facilities in the Black Sea in an attempt to undermine Moscow’s war efforts in a crucial region.

Alongside attacks have increased in areas of Russia away from the front lines, with the mayor of Moscow stating that at least two drones were shot down in the capital region early today. Reuters was unable to independently cross-reference those reports, and there was no immediate comment from Kiev.

In an opinion piece published late yesterday, Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s Security Council, called on Kiev’s allies to speed up the surrender of arms, saying it was the only way to end the war.

“For example, the complete or partial destruction of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which is a feasible mission, would significantly accelerate the process of Russia’s search for an exit from the ongoing war,” Danilov wrote on the website of Ukrainska Pravda.

Russian air defense systems destroyed at least six drones aimed at Crimea and coming from different directions, the Russian Defense Ministry announced today. The announcement made via Telegram did not specify whether there were any casualties or damage on the peninsula.

In the Moscow region, one drone was destroyed over the Istra region and a second over the Ramensky region, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said via Telegram, adding that the wreckage did not cause casualties or property damage.

At least 30 flights were delayed and six canceled at Moscow’s major airports, according to Russian state news agencies — a routine move by aviation authorities during drone attacks.

In southwestern Russia, a Ukrainian drone damaged an oil storage facility in southwestern Russia early today, sparking a fuel tank fire that was later extinguished, the region’s governor said.

“There are no casualties, all emergency services are working at the site of the facility,” Oryol Oblast Governor Andrei Klitskov said in a post on the Telegram messaging platform. It did not specify whether the facilities were hit by drone debris or were the main target of the attack.