The vice president of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev brandishing the “nuclear sword” once again. After deliveries of Abrams tanks, and possible supplies of long-range missiles, to Kiev, Medvedev threatened a new world war with NATO.

He also states that the new war will have “far greater cost to humanity since 1945».

Rambling, in his post on Telegram, the former Russian prime minister and president insults Canadians, calling them “animals”, after the Canada-Ukraine twinning.

His post in detail

  • Canadian animal fraternization led by Prime Minister Trudeau in his parliament with Nazis.
  • Deliveries of Abrams tanks from NATO arsenals.
  • Promises to supply longer-range missiles, such as the Army’s tactical missile system, to Kiev authorities.

It seems that Russia is left with less and less options other than a direct conflict with NATO, which has turned into an openly fascist bloc like Hitler’s Axis, albeit on a larger scale. We are ready, although the result will be achieved with far greater cost to humanity since 1945…