At least 21 people lost their lives, including two children, and 18 others were injured, five of them in critical condition, when a bus plunged off a bridge in Mestre, Venice, and caught fire, according to the latest provisional tally released by Italian authorities. A total of 39 people appear to have been on the bus.

According to the Agi news agency, the bus, which was carrying tourists staying at a campsite, was driven away.

For “reveal scenes” the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro spoke.

Citizens of Ukraine were on board the bus, while tourists are also among the victims from Germany and France.

The driver was Italian, 40 years old, with seven years of professional experience.

Among the injured are at least two children.

This is the most serious traffic accident in the history of Venice.

The most likely scenario is that the bus hit power lines during its fall and caught fire on the ground, writes Il Gazzettino newspaper.

Firefighters and first aid services rushed to the area. According to Italian public television Rai, the injured have been transferred to various hospitals in the area.

The intercity bus of the Veneto region crashed into electric railway cables, located under the viaduct.

The mayor of Venice announced that he preached on Wednesday day of mourning in his city.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni expressed her support to the families of the victims.