The Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had cooperation with them today Ministers of the Interior Matteo Piandendozzi, Foreign Antonio Tajani, Defense Guido Crosetto and with the heads of the country’s intelligence services, during which the developments of the last hours in Israel were deepened.

The Italian government, as broadcast by public radio and television Rai, declares that terror must not prevail and that Israel has the right to self-defense. The secretary of the League and the Minister of Transport Matteo Salvini, underlined that “this is a cowardly and violent attack, on the part of Islamic extremists and terrorists”. Foreign Minister and head of the Forza Italia party, Antonio Tajani, said: “We ask Hamas to immediately stop this senseless attack. Israel has the right to defend itself and this attack risks nullifying any attempt at dialogue in this entire region. This is, for sure, a completely irresponsible move.”

Eli Shlain, secretary of the center-left Democratic Party, emphasized that he “unequivocally condemns the attack by Hamas against armed Israeli citizens, with thousands of rockets and military operations” and that he is “watching the developments with anxiety.” Finally, by decision of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, the level of protection provided to consulates and embassies of Israel, as well as in the areas where the synagogues of the country’s Israeli communities are located, was increased.