Israeli warplanes continued to pound Gaza on Sunday morning as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) asked Israeli residents to evacuate the area overnight. At the same time, artillery is also currently hitting an area in Lebanon in response to “fire” from Lebanon towards Israel, it said. It is not clear, however, what exactly was launched from Lebanon.

Israeli forces hit 426 targets in Gaza, including 10 towers used by Hamas, Israeli spokesman said Army Daniel Hagari in an update on Sunday.

Tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers are operating on the ground around the Gaza Strip, Hagari added.

A CNN reporter in Gaza said the Al Watan building and Al Aklouk in central Gaza City were hit.

Internet connectivity continues but intermittently, and most of the area remains without power as of Saturday.

The sound of warplanes and explosions continued overnight and the smell of gunpowder filled the air, CNN’s Gaza correspondent said.