American airline Delta announced last night the cancellation of its flights to Israel until the end of October, following the surprise attack by Hamas on Israeli territory and amid operations by the Israeli army.

“As we continue to monitor developments in the region, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our flights to Tel Aviv through October 31, 2023,” Delta said, explaining that it is trying to find “safe alternatives (solutions) for customers trying to to leave” the Israeli metropolis.

Following the large-scale attack by Hamas, followed by Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, several airlines, including United, American Airlines, KLM-Air France, Lufthansa and others, suspended flights to and from the international Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport.

However, United Airlines reported that there were two scheduled flights departing from Tel Aviv “on Saturday night and early Sunday.”

Similarly, American Airlines, which reported yesterday that there were two flights over the weekend, adding that the routes are “suspended until conditions allow them to resume”.

The Israeli airline El Al said yesterday Sunday that it is continuing its routes as normal for the time being, although the main international carriers are multiplying the cancellations. However, the group is likely to cancel “flights to destinations where there are very few Israelis” in order to help “Israelis elsewhere,” a spokesman said.