Guatemala’s center-left president-elect, Bernardo Arevalo, called on outgoing head of state conservative Alejandro Yamate on Wednesday night to demand that Attorney General Consuelo Porras resign, amid an ongoing crusade against the next president’s party. leader of the country and his accusations that an attempt is being made to block the transfer of power.

Mr. Arevalo criticized Mr. Yamatei for being silent and demanded that he immediately ask Mrs. Poras to resign in his letter.

“Throughout this process you, Dr. Dammit, shut up. The people take your silence as consent to the undermining of our democratic institutions. Your silence is an insult to the people of Guatemala,” the text reads.

Tens of thousands of Guatemalans have been protesting in recent days against what Mr Arevalo calls a “slow-motion coup”. They are demanding the resignation or termination of the attorney general, as well as other judicial and prosecutorial officials who are leading the campaign against the president-elect and his faction, the Movimiento Semilla (“Seed Movement”).

The general prosecution counters that the repeated raids on the offices of Semiya and the national electoral commission, the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), were necessary operations in the context of perfectly legal investigations into irregularities in the elections and allegations that during the process of establishing Mr. Forged signatures were allegedly used.

Earlier yesterday, the Constitutional Court announced that it had ordered authorities to use force only as a “means of last resort” to disperse protesters who have blocked roads.