Israel’s diplomacy announced on Sunday that it is suspending the export of security goods and services to Colombia, in retaliation for comments by the Latin American country’s president, Gustavo Petros, who compared statements by the Israeli defense minister about the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. , which is bombed for a week, with Nazi positions during the persecution of the Jews.

Lior Hayat, the representative of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced that the ambassador of Colombia, Margarita Manjares, was summoned and served with an official protest for the “hostile” and “anti-Semitic” statements “against the state of Israel” by Mr. Petros.

“The first measure taken in response is that Israel has decided to stop exports of security (items) to Colombia,” Mr Hyatt said via X (formerly Twitter).

Israel’s diplomacy “condemns the (Colombian) president’s statements, which constitute support for the horrific acts of Hamas terrorists, fuel anti-Semitism, harm representatives of the State of Israel and threaten the security of the Jewish community in Colombia,” it added. the representative.

“If we have to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel, we will cut them off,” Mr. Petros retorted. “We do not support genocides.”

On October 9, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallad announced that the Gaza Strip was under “total siege”, electricity, water, food and fuel deliveries were cut off. “We are fighting human beasts and we are acting accordingly,” the minister added.

“That’s what the Nazis said about the Jews,” was Mr. Petros’ reaction. He compared the Israeli army’s operations in the Gaza Strip to Nazi crimes in the Auschwitz concentration camp and the Warsaw ghetto.