Israel’s military announced today that it will “avoid” hitting the road axes connecting the northern and southern Gaza Strip as it prepares a ground operation against the enclave.

Israeli forces “will refrain from targeting the designated axes from 08:00 to 12:00 (local time and Greek time),” Israeli military spokesman Avihai Andrae told Platform X.

“For your safety, take advantage of this time to move from the north and Gaza City to the south,” he added.

In another announcement, the army pointed out that it has seti two streets for the removal of the citizens of Gaza.

Meanwhile, Egyptian sources previously said a ceasefire had been agreed on the humanitarian corridor in Southern Gaza from 9am, which however denied Israel.

“There is no ceasefire and no humanitarian aid to Gaza in exchange for the removal of foreigners,” Netanyahu’s office said.

Israel has asked residents of the northern part of the Gaza Strip – about 1.1 million people – to move south, noting that it is striking Gaza City with the aim of destroying the operational centers of the Palestinian Hamas movement.

The UN estimates that more than a million people have been displaced in Gaza in the past week.

Besides, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced today that 2,750 residents of the enclave have been killed since October 7 and 9,700 have been injured.

More than 1,400 people have lost their lives in Israel.