The MP Jim Jordanan ardent supporter of Donald Trump, has failed for the second time to be elected speaker of the House of Representatives, which plunges this House into an even greater quagmire.

The president of the USA Joe Biden he earlier promised Israel that he would give it all possible help in the war with Hamas. But the House, without a leader for 16 days, is paralyzed and cannot approve any law or pass measures to implement the commitments of the Democratic president.

Jordan needed 217 votes to be elected, but 22 Republicans and all Democrats (212) voted against him. He collected 199 votesone less than those received on Tuesday, in the first vote.

The Republicanswho have the majority in the Parliament, are unable to agree among themselves, a year before the presidential elections.

Jordan, who belongs to the ultra-conservative wing of the party and supports Trump, is currently the only candidate for the office and said today that he will not withdraw from running for the presidency.

The party is considering various solutions to end the impasse. One possible scenario is to temporarily give additional powers to Patrick McHenry, the MP who acts as speaker of the House. His sole responsibility today is to organize the election process to nominate a successor to Kevin McCarthy, the president who was ousted by a handful of Republican colleagues earlier this month.

Another possibility is the alliance of moderate Republicans with the Democratic Party, which is currently watching the events as a spectator. Calling on Republicans to end the “civil war,” Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries left open the possibility of “cross-partisan cooperation.”