The situation in Lebanon is chaotic due to the daily hostilities of Hezbollah and the Israeli army on the borders of the two countries.

Since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas on October 7, clashes on the Israeli-Lebanese border have killed around 20 people on the Lebanese side, mostly fighters, but also a Reuters journalist and two civilians. On the Israeli side, at least three people have lost their lives.

The international community is worried about the possibility of the conflict spreading, involving the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, and one after another, foreign countries are issuing directives to their nationals.

In fact, Israel is aware that the impending ground attack on the Gaza Strip could trigger a wider regional conflict and has warned Hezbollah not to “cross the line”

“Leave Lebanon immediately, while there are still flights”

The US, Germany, Britain, Oman, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia have so far issued directives in a dramatic tone for the immediate removal of diplomats and their nationals living in Lebanon to leave the country.

Britain: The British Foreign Office is also urging Britons in Lebanon to leave the country “while commercial flights are still available”.

Saudi Arabia: “The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Republic of Lebanon is closely monitoring the developments in the southern Lebanon region, calling on all its citizens to observe the travel ban and those currently in Lebanon to leave immediately,” the directive said. .

Oman: The Omani embassy in Beirut today urged citizens of the sultanate to leave Lebanon immediately “due to the events taking place in the region”, through a related post on the X platform.

Netherlands: The Dutch government advised its citizens not to travel to Lebanon and also called on those still in the country to “leave Lebanon as soon as possible”.

“As a result of unforeseen developments between Israel and the Palestinian Territories, there are heightened tensions in Lebanon,” the Dutch government said in a statement.

Germany: The Foreign Ministry calls on Germans to leave Lebanon, as the security situation in the region is considered “very unstable”.

According to the ministry’s statement, military clashes are currently raging on the border line between Israel and Lebanon and “the possibility of further deterioration of the situation and extension of the conflict cannot be ruled out”, particularly for the southern part of Lebanon, i.e. all areas south of Beirut.

The German foreign ministry is asking Germans in Lebanon to register on a special online platform, while the German embassy in Beirut has asked Germans to take advantage of exit options “while they are still available”, referring to commercial flights with stopovers in Cyprus or Turkey.

Recommendation to Greek citizens to avoid traveling to Israel, Palestinian territories and Lebanon issued the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.