London, by Thanasis Gavou

Tens of thousands of citizens are demonstrating for a second Saturday in central London in favor of Palestine, asking, among other things, the British government to pressure Israel to stop the strikes on Gaza.

Similar demonstrations are organized in other cities of Britain.

Police have warned that flags and slogans in support of Hamas or another officially recognized terrorist organization could lead to arrest.

This Saturday, in addition to the increased and highly visible police presence, with more than a thousand police officers on duty, members of the anti-terrorist service are monitoring the march, due to fears of radicalization of “lone wolf” terrorists from developments in the Middle East.

As revealed by Daily Telegraphhas already a perceived terrorist attack is committed on British soil following the latest developments in the Middle East, which however has not been made public.

According to the newspaper’s report, which did not disclose details of the nature of the attack due to legal restrictions, the incident a man who had applied for asylum in the UK having arrived in the country in 2020 has been arrested.

During his arrest, he allegedly told the police that he did it “for Palestine” and because “Israel killed children in Gaza”.

The information comes after its announcement Metropolitan Police that London has seen a huge increase in incidents of anti-Semitism and a large increase in cases of Islamophobia since the start of the newest conflict in the Middle East.

Specifically, since the beginning of the month they have been recordedi 218 anti-Semitic incidents, a number that constitutes an increase of 1,353% compared to the corresponding period last year and 101 incidents of Islamophobia, an increase of 140% compared to last year.

So far 21 perpetrators have been arrested for these hate crimes,