A temporary and humanitarian “ceasefire”, with the objectives of providing humanitarian aid to the Gaza area and intensifying negotiations for the release of hostages, including French, French President Emmanuel Macron will pursue who will visit Israel tomorrow Tuesday.

This was reported by French diplomatic sources today in Paris, noting that the French proposal does not have the character of a cease-fire or even more of a truce – which contain elements of permanence, but is aimed at the release of the hostages, which is also the primary objective of the visit French president.

The same sources underlined that the terrorist acts of Hamas are absolutely reprehensible, that Israel has the right to defend itself, but also that there should be absolute respect for human rights as well as the law of war, especially regarding the issue of hostages.

The French side believes that regarding the issue of hostages, which are not only of Israeli nationality, Israel should not be left alone in the negotiations with Hamas.

He also believes that in the medium term the de-escalation of violence should be sought, while in the long term he believes that there can be no other solution than the creation of two states in the region, one for the Israelis and one for the Palestinians.

It is noted that in recent days the French president had talks with the king of Jordan, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, the emir of Qatar, the Egyptian president and the prime minister of Israel.

In a conversation he had with a group of journalists last Friday, i.e. before his visit to Israel became known, the French president had mentioned – according to French press reports – the following:

Depending on the discussions, which I will continue in the next few days, I will consider a visit to Israel. I just want to try to achieve useful things. It will depend on the discussions that I will have in the next few hours, in the next few days with all the leaders of the region. We are doing everything to avoid escalation, but the security situation remains unstable by definition because it is at a very high level of tension and pressure».

Moreover, according to the newspaper La Tribune, France is directing part of its efforts to Lebanon, sending, through its ambassador, “messages of moderation” to Hezbollah, while one of the “unacknowledged goals” of the diplomatic effort is to delay as long as possible the entry of the Israeli army into Gaza, with a French source familiar with the matter saying:

“In any case, operationally, the Israelis are far from certain of success. And to intervene, yes, but to what end? They are not going to occupy Gaza for years.».