The French floating hospital “Tonnerre” sailed today bound for Gaza where it is expected to participate in rescue operations for the civilian population of the Palestinian territory, it became known today from a well-informed source, confirming information from the French network BFMTV.

The ship left the port of Toulon, in southern France, at around 16:00 local time (17:00 Greek time), according to the same source. During his visit to Cairo, Emmanuel Macron announced earlier today that a French Navy ship would go to “support hospitals” in Gaza.

A French plane will also land on Thursday in Egypt to deliver medical supplies, the French president added, clarifying that “more will follow”. Humanitarian aid has been gathering in Egypt for days before it trickles into Gaza through the Rafah crossing, the only one not controlled by Israel.

“Tonnerre” is a large warship of the Mistral class (class of amphibious assault ships). These ships are 199 meters long, are “amphibious helicopter carriers” and capable of carrying out, in a short period of time, operations of crisis management, transport and even evacuation of patients and medical support by amphibious and air means”, according to the French Ministry of the Armed Forces .