Scientists in the US are trying to solve the mystery of a mummified mermaid “Fiji”.

The strange mummified creature was brought from Japan to the US by an American sailor in 1906 and donated the “mermaid” to the Clark County Historical Society in Springfield, Ohio.

The mummified “mermaid” appears to be part fish, part monkey and part reptile. The terrifying and mysterious creature has been on display in the Company’s museum for decades, chilling visitors.

But now scientists are trying to reveal the secrets of the “mermaid”.

According to the Daily Mail, for the first time, professors at the University of Kentucky subjected the mummy to x-rays and CT scans in an attempt to decipher its true nature.

Joseph Kress, a radiologist at Northern Kentucky University, said: “The mummy consists of the head and torso of an ape, the arms appear to be amphibian legs – from an alligator, crocodile or lizard. And then there is the tail of a fish – other than an unknown species.”


In Japan, 14 such “mermaids” have been found, resembling the Ningyo, a mythical creature from the Land of the Rising Sun that looked like a fish, had a human head and was believed to have healing properties.

In 2022, a similar ‘mermaid’ measuring about 30.5cm was found in a temple in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, which turned out to be a 1700s ‘doll’ (like voodoo dolls) with real animal features such as hair and teeth.

“The mummy is obviously fabricated, kind of like Frankenstein – so we want to know what parts and how they were put together,” said Joseph Kress.