Thousands of people who gathered for a charity event in the Czech Republic ended up walking away with money, as a “generous” influencer dropped a million dollars into the crowd from a helicopter.

The incredible incident happened in a field near the town of Lysa nad Labem, at a charity event – game (the world famous Onemanshow) hosted by popular influencer and host, Kamil Bartoszek, better known as Kazma.

The famous Kazma, had organized a contest according to which whoever solved a riddle and found the location where the huge amount of money would be distributed, would win the one million dollars. Hundreds people gathered and try to crack the code and claim the prize that would change their lives.

However, as time passed and no one made it, the influencer and host of the event decided to distribute the money to everyone by dropping it from a helicopter.

Of course, there was mayhem: people collected the money that fell from the sky in bags and Kazma, became even more popular and of course viral – the ultimate goal of any serious influencer.