Internet users have been impressed in recent hours with the video of a street artist in a city in Portugal.

The street artist, dressed in gold and holding a stick, suddenly began to swing, his legs crossed and his hands in a meditative position, supported only by the wooden stick.

At this number, “the crowd gasped in surprise and admiration. Children pointed, adults whispered theories, and smartphones recorded the incredible moment,” writes Saiba de Tudo.

The “yogi swing” is a common trick of street performers – in fact, it’s an optical illusion.

The artist uses a support structure that is cleverly hidden, usually a steel platform hidden under a carpet, with a hidden seat.

The stick, or object that the artist appears to be leaning on, is actually an essential part of the support structure, usually a steel rod that runs along the artist’s sleeve, connecting the seat to the base on the ground.

A Twitter user even uploaded an explanatory video in response to the “yogi” of the street.