The terrifying scene that developed yesterday in an ice hockey match in England, when the 29-year-old athlete Adam Johnson was fatally hit in the neck by the ice skate of an opposing player, is going around the world.

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The truly incredible accident happened during the match between the Nottingham Panthers (Johnson’s team) and the Sheffield Steelers at the Utilita Arena Sheffield on Saturday night, with around 8,000 spectators in the stadium, witnessing the shocking scene.

In the shocking video that is doing the rounds on the internet, the unlucky athlete can be seen falling to the ground injured on the ground. A teammate helps him, Johnson gets up bleeding and his teammate pulls him off the rink holding his neck in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

An eyewitness told MailOnline that Johnson tried to continue after his neck injury but collapsed.

The game was stopped while spectators wept in shock at the horrific event.