The families of the three female hostages who appeared in a video released by Hamas earlier today gave a press conference.

Remus Aloni, father of Danielle Aloni, one of the three women, said that when he saw her on TV, “my heart almost stopped beating.”

He added that both he and his wife felt a sense of relief that she was alive.

“We really want her to come back to us so we can hug her,” he said.

He also pointed out that the Red Cross should not remain on the sidelines.

“They should demand to see all our hostages,” he says, adding that two of his daughters need regular medication and without it their health could deteriorate.

He continued, urging the Emir of Qatar to “make every effort to bring them home”.

“I don’t wish any mother to suffer as we have in the last 24 days”

For her part, Avital Kirsht Buchshtov, Rimon Kirsht’s mother, said she will do everything in her power to bring her daughter home.

“I don’t wish any mother to suffer like we have for the last 24 days,” she says, adding that she has been “really stressed” since seeing the video of her daughter.

He says Kirsht wasn’t wearing her glasses in the video and wouldn’t have been able to see.