Anger provoked in Ankara the strikes of Israeli fighters on the hospital of Turkish-Palestinian Friendship in Gaza, as broadcast by Manolis Kostidis. In fact, there are also reports of strikes against warehouses of Turkish humanitarian organizations in Gaza.

The hospital was built with Turkish funds, emphasized the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul.

There had been caustic statements by Tayyip Erdogan, by Hakan Fidan and other anti-Israel and pro-Hamas government officials.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey condemns the attack. “There is no explanation for such an attack” noted, with the Turkish government once again speaking of violations of international law.

“Israel must stop targeting Gazans en masse and indiscriminately,” it said.

The announcement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry

“We condemn in the strongest terms Israel’s attack on the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital in Gaza today (October 30).

“Although all the necessary information, including the coordinates of the institution in question, which is the only cancer hospital in Gaza, was shared in advance with the Israeli authorities, there is no explanation for such an attack.

“The siege and these inhumane attacks, aimed at depriving the Palestinian people in Gaza of their most basic rights, clearly violate international law.

“Israel must stop targeting Gazans en masse and indiscriminately.”