The Voliot “SDENG ENGINEERING BUREAU” signed an agreement with the construction group LIMAK HOLDING, which has undertaken the reconstruction and expansion of the historic stadium of Barcelona, ​​for the design through B.IM (Building Information Modeling) technology of the bearing metal body of the new construction.

In total, the project, lasting 24 months, includes the design and application study of the 35,000 tons of structural steel of new constructions including the state of the art suspended roof, as well as the 360° circular screen in the center of the stadium.

The implementation of the project includes cooperation with companies from various parts of the world using BIM technology at the highest LOD500 level.

This is SDENG’s first collaboration with LIMAK Group demonstrating the internationally recognized know-how of the Volos-based company in projects of high importance and volume.

“Our cooperation with the LIMAK group and our participation in such a complex construction and technological project once again confirms the trust shown in us by the industry leaders. We are excited about our contribution to the construction of the new Camp Nou. Firstly, because we are adding an iconic project to our portfolio and secondly because we are once again showcasing the capabilities of Greek engineers”, said Aris Theodorou, one of the founders of SDENG.

More generally, the reconstruction of the Camp Nou has a budget of 1.5 billion euros and is expected to be completed in November 2024. It includes increasing the capacity, and upgrading it technologically and energetically turning it into an iconic stadium.

Camp Nou

It is the second sports project undertaken by SDENG, as in 2014 he had designed the Baku Olympic Stadium in Azerbaijan, implementing the project which exceeded 30,000 tons of steel, in just 14 months. Also, among other things, the company has undertaken the planning of the most important energy projects on all 5 continents on behalf of giant companies in the energy sector.

Camp Nou


SDENG is a Greek independent engineering company that is an international leader in the design of large metal structures using BIM technology (Building Information Modelling). It has a wide clientele around the world and specializes in energy constructions, developing partnerships with industry leaders.