Former President Donald Trump’s two oldest sons, Eric and Donald Jr., testified today that they had nothing to do with documents that a judge ruled were fraudulently falsified to make real estate owned by their father’s company appear more valuable , the Trump Organization.

In successive depositions, Trump’s grown sons both said they were not involved in the disputed valuations that threaten to collapse Trump’s real estate empires. Donald Trump put them in charge of the family business when he became president of the US, between 2017-21.

Eric Trump said he didn’t even know the financial statements that were used to secure loans and cheaper insurance premiums that allowed the company to continue operating. But he appeared discouraged when prosecutor Andrew Amer presented emails, video calls and other evidence showing him discussing the financial valuation of some landmark properties for the company, as well as a change in valuation methodology for a golf course. He replied that he did not remember many of these communications that he had.

“Certainly I was aware but I don’t think I was primarily involved or even very involved,” he said when asked about the valuation of the Seven Springs property, north of New York City.

Earlier his brother, Donald Jr., blamed the accountants, both his company and its outside partners. “They had more information and details about all of this than I did,” he said.

Evidence presented by prosecutors in court shows that both of Trump’s sons had signed statements certifying that they had provided accurate information to Mazars, the accounting firm they worked with that prepared the financial statements.