New message – warning to the citizens of Lebanon he sent the israeli army (idf) shortly before the crucial speech of the leader of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah.

Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht pointed out that the Israel Defense Forces are “deployed and ready” in the north, adding that “we are on the defensive.”

“We say to the people of Lebanon – don’t sacrifice your future for Hamas” was the warning of the Israeli army spokesman.

Earlier, ahead of the Hezbollah leader’s speech IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) spokesman Daniel Haggari stressed that Iran urges the its satellites“, organizations such as Hezbollah, to detach her Israel’s attention from the fighting in Gaza, adding that the army maintains “a very high level of preparedness in the north to respond in any event that may happen.”

“Iran continues to conduct subversive activity and encourage satellite activity” Hagari said. “As he did in Ukraine, Yemen and Iraq, this is what he continues to do against the State of Israel, as well as trying to distract us from the war in Gaza.”

ADm. Daniel Hagari updates about the IDF’s readiness along Israel’s northern border in today’s morning briefing.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) November 3, 2023

Regarding the fighting in Gaza, Hagari said that Israeli forces have surrounded Gaza City and its general area “by air, land and sea”.

“Soldiers continue to fight and destroy terrorist infrastructure on the grounds, and below it. During the night our forces located several weapons in various locations in terrorist strongholds captured by our forces,” the IDF official added.

Hagari also announced that the official number of hostages held by Hamas decreased from 242 to 241.

The moment when a building where a Hamas commander was located is bombed

The Israeli military announced early that killed a Hamas commander, with Israeli forces operating in the area Beit Hanun.

The Israeli army and internal security service Sin Bet they said they killed him Mustafa Daloul, the commander of the al-Sabra Tal al-Hawa battalion of Hamas, who participated in battles against Israeli forces in Gaza.

According to the announcement, fighter jets attacked based on Shin Bet information. The IDF released video of the destruction of the building where the Hamas commander was located.

It was also reported that forces were operating in Beit Hanoun, where they found many weapons and intelligence material. Furthermore, the Israeli navy ehit buildings from which anti-tank fire had been fired.

IDF says it has eliminated the commander of Hamas’s Sabra-Tel al-Hawa battalion, Mustafa Dalloul, in an airstrike in the Gaza Strip.

— Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian (@manniefabian) November 3, 2023

The IDF announced that they have surrounded Gaza City on three sides and are now operating inside the city and its neighborhoods. As the Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli Army, Herchi Halevi, pointed out in his televised message, “we are in the heart of Gaza with the IDF spokesman, Daniel Hagari, underlining that the Israeli forces are attacking outposts, headquarters and other infrastructure used by Hamas.

Before the start of the war, Gaza City was the most populated point in the Strip but the Israeli army since October 13 repeats the order for its citizens to head south. The exact number of civilians remaining at this point on the map remains unknown at this time with images arriving from the rubble-strewn Gaza City bearing witness to the devastation.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, with his written announcement, pointed out that “we are at the height of the battle” recording “impressive successes”.