Sudden meeting with the president of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, the Turkish president had today, Thursday Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Tashkent in the context of the Economic Cooperation Summitaccording to correspondent of SKAI in Istanbul, Manoli Kostidi.

During their speech, the Turkish president unleashed new “fire” against Israel but also the Western countries which, as he said “they talk all the time about human rights and freedoms and democracy, they watch all these Israeli massacres from afar.”

The Israeli governmentwhich has the full support of Western countries, it continues to bomb schools, mosques, churches, hospitals, universities and civilian settlements, violating all the values ​​of humanity. We are faced with a massacre that legitimizes the slaughter of children.Western countries, which are constantly talking about human rights and freedoms and democracy, are watching all these Israeli massacres from afar.” he said characteristically.

“These countries and organizations ethey have lost so much of their dignity who cannot even call for a ceasefire, let alone criticize the child killers. Those who turn a blind eye when some people burn the Koran under the pretext of freedom of expression, condone these massacres under the pretext of freedom of expression they cannot even tolerate the Palestinian flag.

Under the auspices of my wife, God willing, on November 15, an international meeting will be held in Istanbul with the participation of the spouses of the heads of state and government. Thus, a strong solidarity will be shown to alleviate the plight of our journalist brothers.” added the Turkish president.

“Remember, when 25 people were killed in the Charlie Hebdo incident, world leaders demonstrated together in Paris. Now 11,000 women and children have been killed and the world is silent. America and the West are silent together. Children and women watch them every day on TV. If we don’t raise our voices here today as the Organization for Economic Co-operation, as Muslims, when will we?” Erdogan concluded.